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2014 Mazda 3 Sport LED Fog Lights 6000K

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Headlights White Light Bulbs Replacement Kit




Vanquish Auto has always been the company that comes first with the new led lighting technology. This page features the new LED Fog Lights Kit. These are a new style led fogs setup that reduces stray light, improves thermal performance as well. Together with a fantastic appearance and less fan noise. This kit is one of the best appearance upgrades you can make to your vehicle making a huge upgrade to the modern look of LED. Manufactured from the best components and high-quality materials for a perfect upgrade for fog lights. 


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Super Small Base Led Headlight (FITS anywhere)

Led direction is adjustable for optimal output in a variety of housings

Led depth is adjustable as well

Color temperature 6000k

Ok for use in projector headlights or retrofits

Current draw ~3.45A @ 12V

11-30V constant current driver

9V minimum operating voltage

Waterproof led kit

Over-heat failure protection

Lifespan more than 30,000 hrs in 25*C ambient

Perfect Fitment quickly replaces old dull filament bulbs

Super easy to install with stunning results

Perfect fitment

Five years warranty

Instructions included




Some vehicles may need warning cancelers to fix the bulb out an error message or flickering on the headlights. Ask if you are unsure.  

Follow this link to the warning cancellers:

Warning Cancellers 





LED headlights are what's in, no doubt about this. Many auto manufacturers have LED headlights as optional or even standard equipment. There are many options for LED headlight conversion kits for those of us with halogen headlights that wish to improve or upgrade them. 

Not all LED kits are the same, and unfortunately, many unsuspected buyers are falling for the cheap knockoff versions because of the low prices and how bright they “look" thanks to a significant amount of glare that’s being projected up like a high beam. This lower end led is very unsafe for road use and practically useless on off-road. 

We had to line them up side by side on the same headlamp ( 2016 Ford F-350 super duty). Measured every 20ft distance on a straight line up to 180 ft. We used our calibration certified lumen meter tester for real results based on fact and not on "what looks brighter.” These are the results of actual usable lumens or amount of light you are getting out of a single bulb. Almost all sellers on 

Name                        Lumens @  20ft   40ft   60ft    80ft   100ft   120ft   140ft   160ft   180ft

Our LED Kit                                    640    143     70     29      16       11        7         3         1   

LED Knockoff                                 116     33      10       3         -         -         -          -          - 

Halogen                                          388    101     24      7        3         1         -          -          -


Our right LED headlight kit is way brighter. You can also easily tell that the led headlight knockoffs are not as bright as they "look." They just look gorgeous thanks to their high beam cutoff pattern on Low beam mode which is plain wrong and not designed properly for road use or any use we can think of other than smashing them with a hammer. Our winner here is the Vanquish Auto True LED Conversion Kit, and they are available in all bulb types. The led conversion kit is our top pick if you want the brightest headlights and don't want the hassle of dealing with HIDs.

Key elements 

Halogens have the best low beam cutoff followed by the Vanquish Auto LED Kit; the led headlight knockoffs are not good because they are simply not bright and won’t let you adjust the beam pattern on them. They also overheat, flicker and are not waterproof allowing moisture and dust into the housing.


When you see a listing for crazy amounts of lumens like 20000 or even 30000, just know its simply not true and the sellers don’t have a clue of what they are saying. Each of our bulbs is putting about 3733 real lumens which are bright for headlight use.

Rotate the beam pattern on our lights using the Allen key to lose the screw and turn clockwise only until the beam pattern shows an even hotspot line.


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