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Add On Lighting

Our add on lighting kits are at the top of the food chain in LED technology and luminosity and that is really what sets you apart from the rest. If you are building up your truck or ATV for car shows and events this is a great way to display your modifications like a lift and custom wheels but why take the time to install a set of cheap or knockoff leds that will start dimming over weeks. Most led rock lights are not even comparable to ours because they put some low quality smds vs the CREE that you can find in ours making our kit easily 5 times brighter. Smd rock lights are just wrong. We like our lights to be the brightest for our cars and our customer’s. SMD applications are ok for interior lights at their best, it’s over 10 years old technology. Send us pictures of your rig with our led rock lights for a chance to be featured on the main page of our site!

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