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Brake Light Bulb 4057 LED Super Bright Replacement

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Vanquish Auto specializes on top of the line LED replacement bulbs to truly enhace the look and perfomance over the stock dull yellowish incadescent bulbs. Not all led bulbs are the same and just by going with led bulbs does not mean you got what you needed. This is a very important light bulb position and you need a truly bright LED to allow the brakes to show over the tail lights, this is exactly the downfall for ALL other led bulbs you can get for this position. They look "bright' enough for tail lights but you can't tell they got any brighter on brake. Our CREE 80 Watts will solve that dilemma.



Low Power Consumption

Guaranteed to Fit

Priced per individual bulb

Important Notes: 

When Selecting your preferred light bulb option always go with one of our canbus option for European and Mopar vehicles only

Installation Guides


Quick Tips for buying LED bulbs:


Each of the options you can choose for our LED replacement bulbs are the top of the line and our newest creations. All our bulbs get copies done by other factories every day, they might look the same but will never perform or last as long as our LED products.


How to spot a cheap bulb out in the street? Bluish colors for what is advertised to be a white bulb always indicate a cheap knockoff and it’s poor light is an indication of it. They will also start fading within weeks of use. Our LED products will perform for as long as you drive your vehicle or beyond that and will not fade away over time.


Please choose one of the options for Can Bus LED bulbs when you own an European vehicle or a late Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, FIAT.


A dual filament bulb may work as Tail, Brake and Turn Signal


Check how many bulbs for Taillight/ Brake Light and Turn Signal your vehicle might need before ordering


When the taillight bulb also works as turn signals you would need to add a set of load resistors.


Each LED bulb that you change for turn signals front or back will require a load resistor. Please mark the option for adding turn signals.


When choosing backup light bulbs for your vehicle make sure to add the option for error canceller or newer 2013 Chrysler, Dodge and all European vehicles 2005 and up.


Choose the color of the new bulbs depending on the color lens of the lamp they will be used on. For example front side markers normally comes with a yellow lens, use yellow color LED bulbs. Use white for clear lenses.


When choosing interior LED bulb combinations make sure to use the same type of LED source or chip to keep overall consistency for all the interior lights of the vehicle.


More diodes on an LED bulb does not always means it is the brightest of the options. Look at the watts conversion and optic arrangement. Know if you want to use it as a flood light to fill a lamp or light up far as a spot light.


The higher wattage conversion you find in the options usually means it is a brighter bulb. For example 50w vs 100w means 100w is brighter and it would look as bright as if you had a regular bulb that would use the kind of power to turn on.


Store Policy:


All our lighting products come with a 3 year hassle-free warranty.


All our lighting products come with a 90 day free returns on us. Simply keep what you like and return what you don’t. We will pay for the shipping back and refund your payment for the returned items.

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