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Vanquish Auto H1 HID kit boasts high quality H1 HID bulbs and ballasts with an attractive entry-level price point to boot. While slightly more expensive then other H11 HID Kits being sold on ebay, our HID Kits come with 35W slim digital ballasts with AC operation - will last longer then generic DC ballasts often found in lower priced HID kits.

The H1 HID kit uses comes with high quality Philips quartz glass to minimize UV output to protect your vehicle's headlights from aging prematurely. Each H11 bulb, has been laser aligned into a P14.5s (H1) to ensure optically correct beam patterns and maximum effective light output. H1 halogen bulbs are rated at 55 watts, meaning that these 35W H1 bulbs can be safely installed in your vehicle's H11 headlight assembly. The average lifespan of these H1 HID bulbs is approximately 2500 hours - don't be fooled by companies boasting higher numbers - it's simply not true.

Our H1 HID kits come with digitally controlled ballasts which are highly efficient and have low starting draws - very reliable and have long longevity. The ballasts have internal EMI filters to safeguard against radio interference or conflicts with your vehicle's electrical system. Our HID ballasts are epoxy filled making them waterproof, shockproof, and vibration proof - can be used for other-motive and off-road applications. Hot re-strike technology will protect the H11 HID bulbs in your kit from additional damage if restarted when already warm. Additionally, each ballast will have polarity protection to make sure you don't burn anything out if your vehicle has reversed polarity – it's common for some vehicles to have reversed polarity on the OEM headlight harness.

Each H1 HID bulb will come with industry leading AMP style connectors to ensure water-tight connections between the bulb and ballast. Wiring featuring proper H11 connectors will be included so that you can easily plug the ballasts into your OEM H1 headlight harness – plug+play application.

Vanquish Auto H1 HID kits are available in 3000K, 4300K, 5000K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K, 30000K, Pink, Green, Purple and QB blue. They come with a 3 years warranty that is handled directly through us – Don't be fooled by gimmicky lifetime warranties.

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