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Headlight Bulb High Beam H11 True HID System

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   All HIDs are not created equal, most “HID” systems sold online don't have real Xenon gas, the ballasts have a lot of “cut corners” and claim to be “ digital” when in fact could melt the wiring if becoming defective or start shorting out. Some are as expensive as $200 claiming to be “real Philips” HIDs. Some of the bulbs are cheaply glued to the bases or simply do not even have the right orientation meaning the bulb might “fit” in the socket but does not have an OEM light beam pattern which is the primary cause for “absurdly bright” or too glaring for road use. Too much glare is synonymous of bad light output and scattered light projection. Most sellers do not even sell the right bulbs or systems for the particular vehicle making it the biggest reason for the customer’s dissatisfaction when purchasing headlights.
Our HID systems are truly one of a kind merely because they do not have any of the flaws mentioned above and become the main reasons why our systems are way above any other system on the market today.
OEM Fit & Light Pattern Distribution 
Low Power Consumption
Guaranteed to Fit
Priced per kit
Brand New
No Flickering
No Dashboard Error 
Original Product & Design
Included in the HID System kit:
2 X HID Bulbs
2 X HID Ballasts Instructions



Important Note: 
When Selecting your preferred HID System always go with one of our Can Bus option for European vehicles, Mopar ( Chrysler, Jeep, FIAT, Dodge), newer Hyundai and KIA vehicles and now Ford and Chevrolet like the Tahoe and GMC Yukon. It's safe to say almost all new vehicles. Not all “Can Bus” hid kits are capable of working with your car, beware of Can Bus kits not made for your particular vehicle.

First, the question everybody is asking themselves right no


The answer is quite easy as we do this every day, all day.

When to use HID:

HID Projector and OEM Halogen projectors but only with HID bulbs that have a corrected beam pattern like our systems.

When to use LED:

Truly LED kits can be used to replace the halogen bulbs on reflector headlights as they create a correct low beam cutoff line closest to the halogen bulb beam pattern but it’s brighter than halogen from close and far. At 120 ft your halogen headlights are nonexistent vs. our led kit that will still put out a few lumens per bulb over 180 ft distance.

Check the complete comparison test for our LED kit

LED Conversion Kits are NOT all the same. A true LED kit like ours has a cutoff line. Cheap knockoff versions or eBay / Amazon $40 specials create a “flashlight” pattern with a dark hole in the center that would look like our led kit on high beams creating a LOT of glare for oncoming drivers, and they are very dim compared to your stock halogen bulbs. They do not have necessary drivers for the lights to operate correctly creating a lot of overheating problems. The beam can’t be adjusted, and the lights start dimming down after just a few weeks of use ( on top of the already low amount of lumens they are putting doesn’t matter if they are saying even 30000 lumens which everybody knows it’s not true.

Please check your bulb type by consulting your owner’s manual. It should match with the information provided on our website. Once you double check the information you can go into finding the correct type of kit your vehicle requests as follows:
European cars use Can Bus System
Early American & Import Asian vehicles use the standard system
2004 and up Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, RAM trucks use Can Bus
2011 KIA & Hyundai vehicles use Can Bus 
Newer 2015 and up Dodge, Chrysler, RAM trucks use Can Bus but must mark the option for our first capacitor. Same for any vehicle with pulsing voltage. You can tell it is pulsing energy as the lights will turn off every ten seconds while driving. You can say a car needs a can bus system when one light or both keep turning off or flicker.
Examples: 2015 BMW 5 series, 2015 Dodge Challenger, 2015 RAM 1500, 2015 Dodge Charger, 2015 Chrysler 200 & 300
If you have any doubts about what kit to choose directly chat live with us or call or text us at 239-205-8437 or email us at and we will gladly help you pick the right option for your vehicle as we have installed our systems in almost every single vehicle.
Next, you will choose the color temperature. One common mistake is to confuse the wattage or power with the color temperature in kelvins. Kelvins only means color. 
For example, 8000K is light blue. The higher in kelvin you go, the darker the light will be, and it is also illegal to drive on the road. We highly suggest 4300k ( factory color used for HID on high-end vehicles), 5000K and 6000K being the most attractive option for how crisp white and bright our systems are. 
Wattage means how powerful the system will be; the factory HID rated at 35W. We can provide 35W, 45W and 55W being the brightest. We highly suggest 35W. Most hid kits on the market are knockoffs and do not put more than 15W of power, and that is why they are so cheap and retailed which can also cause many kinds of problems from burned out the wiring to incorrect light beam pattern generating unnecessary glare and terrible light output.
Now the newest trend for sellers is to push LED headlights for primary driving lights which is very dangerous for the driver and oncoming traffic as it produces an awful light cutoff pattern where the light is so distorted that looks very bright just steps away from the vehicle but does not provide any usable light output. Many customers are wasting their money on these LED kits resulting in worse performance than the stock halogen bulbs just because it is LED and not the “old” HID. Just because it is new, it does not mean it is the best or right. We do sell the newest Generation Philips LED Kits, and we only suggest them for fog lights and high beams until we can provide a real alternative to our HID systems which is far from happening soon.
All our systems are completely Plug and Play. No complicated extra wiring necessary to install the new headlights.
If your vehicle comes with Daytime Running Lights on your driving headlights, there are ways to disable them. Some countries like Canada enforce the daytime running lights. You must add a relay harness if you must keep them or can’t disable them. You can purchase an optional wiring harness to help keep the right power to run the HID 
When buying our Bi-Xenon systems, we will provide the correct wiring harness included as part of the scheme. 
Some individual cases require a low beam only relay harness with load resistors just because nothing else will allow the new headlights to work without issues and 99.9% of the cars will not require this harness thanks to our top of the line Can Bus HID Systems.
Examples: 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2013 Ford Focus, 2013 Ford Escape and a few others.
Once you receive the hid system in your mailbox, and you are ready to install please take a look our Installation Guides
Store Policy:
 All our lighting products come with a 5-year hassle-free warranty.
All our lighting products come with a 90 day free returns on us. Only keep what you like and return what you don’t. We will pay for the shipping back and refund your payment for the returned items.

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