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How To Install LED Headlights

Installing the Vanquish Auto led headlights is a very simple and forward 

how to install led headlight bulbs

advantage of led headlights

The advantage of led headlights for main vehicle lighting is still new and needs improvement

what's brighter led or hid

The question if led or hid is brighter depends on the lamp's optics. On reflector style headlights we have seen a 3X increase in performance from LED compared to the stock halogen bulbs, and another 3X increase from the LED to HID. On projector style headlights we have seen two main variants, and both indicate HID is also brighter. The 1st variant we know the LED loses a LOT of brightness when compared to the stock halogen bulb which is very unsafe. The 2nd variant is a close level in light from the hid compared to the halogen but increases the intensity across the entire cutoff line, not just at the hotspot.

Halogen<LED(3X increase)<HID 6X increase from halogen

You can refer to our LED Comparison page to look at one of the many tests we have done comparing our HID, LED and knockoff units here.

where to buy led headlights

There's eBay if you want the knockoff versions. Then there are also many biased online dealers for already overpriced brands trying to sell you anything they can for a quick $, doing fake reviews to make you buy what they want. Then there are local shops ripping people off with the eBay knockoffs for a lot of $$. And the last kind, the forum fanboys that will reciprocate the wrongdoings of some sellers.
Not saying we have the perfect formula or that everybody else is wrong. But we are yet to see another truly dedicated auto lighting group that is honest and look out for their customers like we do. We know your car, and that is the most important thing to remember before you decide to upgrade the lights on it. We will bring you the absolute best product YOUR vehicle needs.
In conclusion, our answer to where to buy led headlights means merely anywhere you don't get any of the discussed above that we are tired of seeing all around.

what headlight bulb do I need

Many factors will impact the correct bulb for your application. It's not just any bulb that "fits." That is why we present the best possible options for your specific vehicle. Start with the part finder to look at the correct bulb configuration. Then browse the products for the particular bulb position that you are trying to upgrade.

are led headlights bright

The led headlights are brighter when measured directly from up close. It does not mean anything. When you see high number claims of lumens is just exaggeration trying to make, it looks brighter than others when it's not. Again it's all about optics; we already carry LED projectors for headlight retrofitting that is twice as bright as the HID equivalent, and that is BIG. Get a retrofit for the brightest headlights you could get, and that is why we have a fully dedicated site for it where we customize stock headlights with the latest in hid and led projectors and more. Again, we only do automotive led and hid lighting.

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